Monday, June 29, 2015

Top Ten Reasons why I love being at Roddy Tree Ranch.  

My name is Faith, I have been a guest at Roddy Tree on and off for over ten years, and have worked here for the past two summers.   I am so happy to be a part of the family here.   I spend lots of time talking to our guests, and thought I’d share my thoughts on why this is such a special place to be.  

1. Keith and Gretchen – there has never been a better pair of hosts. 

2. The Guadalupe River – my zen place.

3. Outdoor Music – always my favorite! 

4. My children feel safe and free here.   Priceless.

5. Fireflies and deer.

6. The view from Green Gables in the morning.

7. The art tunnel under the Highway to the River

8. Listening to Junior Pruneda from the Pool in my floppy hat. 

9. The steep staircase in Pecan Springs – with my children’s heights posted at the top of the stairs. 

10. Summer Sunsets...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

On September 13th, The Roddy Tree will host the annual kick-off for the Kerr County United Way. Member of the United Way of America, Kerr County United Way is a campaign made up of local citizens and volunteers that fund-raise for local agencies that apply for funding assistance. The goal for the 2013-2014 year is $200,000 that will help 22 local agencies.

Come out and support with a Luau Party, Hawaiian Reggae band and a Polynesian feast starting at 6:30.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Upcoming shows:

Summer went by just as fast as it came, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over at Roddy Tree!

With September rolling around, we some exciting performances such as:
- Slim Bawb and the Fabulous Stumpgrinders on the 6th.
- Hawiian Luau Party on the 13th.
- Peter Karp & Sue Foley on the 20th.
- Billy Bright Super Bluegrass Trio on September 27th.

Then in October we have:
- Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones on the 4th.
- Duke Davis & Buckshot on the 11th.
- Furbash Forever on the 18th.
- Halloween Bash on the 31st

So please, come out and enjoy as many of the events as possible! Can’t wait to see you here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reggae is a music genre that was first developed in the late 1960’s of Jamaica. It consists of brass instruments and others such as the drums, bass, guitar, organ and melodic. The stylistic origins are jazz, mento, calypso, rocksteady and R&B.  This form of music has spread across to many countries across the world, due to artist like Steele Pulse, Janet Kay and Bob Marley and the Roddy Tree Ranch is bringing it to you on August 23rd. The Lazy Days Canteen will host “Reggae on the Guadalupe” with Terry Emden & the Galaxy Reggae Band “The Reefs” and have special guest, fire dancer Aurora Joleen.